You don’t sit down for what you believe in, you stand up.

imageOh man. I said I would never do this again. I said I would never blog about anything controversial ever, ever again. Yet here I am, looking at a picture of Colin Kaepernick and getting all sorts of flustered and agitated and taking it out on my poor keyboard.

I got called ‘just another ignorant white girl’ for not caring that there were no black nominations at the Oscars this year. The mother who ‘looked away for two seconds’ and her kid managed to scramble his way into a silverback gorilla pit – I was told not to judge her. And I was told it was probably best to keep my opinion about transgender bathrooms to myself even though no one even knows where I stand on the matter. Just don’t talk about it. Shh.

So now I ask, am I allowed to talk about this douche nozzle, 3rd string quarterback loser Colin Kaepernick who refuses to stand for the National Anthem? Can I talk about this without being blasted as a racist? I think I can…but can you?

I am so sick of people ditching their patriotism in the name of doing something “noble” or “brave”

There is nothing noble or brave about intentionally sitting for our Nation’s Anthem. They say actions speak louder than words, Kaepernick did both. And his action spoke louder than his words.

His words say that he is tired of our country “oppressing black people and people of color”

His actions say he doesn’t give a shit about our country’s sacrifices. His actions say he is entitled. Spoiled. Unappreciative.

Strong words need to be accompanied by appropriate action if you want them to actually mean something to someone. How he could have handled this situation – is he could have actually done something to help the situation. He did nothing. Absolutely nothing. He drew attention to an already hot-topic in the most disrespectful way possible.

No one saw him as a representation of an oppressed black man sitting proud for what he believed in while thousands of others stood with their hands over their hearts and sang about the land of the free and the home of the brave. All they saw was a boy sitting in his timeout chair and holding his breath because mommy wasn’t paying enough attention to him.

He could have done so many things. So many. And this is what he chose?

And let’s forget that he is black and his parents are white. Let’s forget that he has millions of dollars at his disposal to do with that he pleases. Let’s forget about him being an NFL football player and that he proved to be a hypocrite of the greatest kind when he was fined $11,000 for calling a fellow player a f*****g N****r. Let’s file all of that worthless information deep in the back of our brains because none of it matters. None. Of. That. Shit. Matters.

I’ve tried saying this before, and the message didn’t get through to some. So let’s try it again…

It does not matter if you are white or black – you alone control yourself and your actions, these actions are 100% a reflection of yourself. It does not matter if you are rich or poor – money does not and cannot buy character. It does not matter if you were bullied or if your parents were big piles of shit and neglected you or worse. Sure, these could be explanations for the way you live your life, the choices you make – but they are not acceptable excuses for poor and ignorant behavior. The real problem with our country right now is that there are too many grown-ups (of all ages and ethnicities) acting like grown-ups instead of actually being grown-ups.

Eighteen-year-olds are fighting in wars. Soldiers are kissing their husbands and wives and children goodbye not knowing if they will ever see them again. That’s brave. That’s being.

And this millionaire pussy is safely sitting on an NFL bench crying about how life isn’t fair? That’s acting.

You can choose to be brave like a soldier. You can choose to be ungrateful like Kaepernick. You can choose to live a noble life with a 9-5er. You can choose to be a good person, a kind person and a respectful one. You can choose to be in any political party you want. You can choose to vote Trump or Hilary. You can choose to agree with the war, or not.

But what you cannot do, under any circumstances, is choose to not support our troops and our country.

Standing with our hands over our hearts and looking at the American Flag while we take a few minutes to reflect, to be humble, to be proud, to be appreciative and thankful for our country and those who are keeping it safe and secure is one of the easiest ways to show your support – to show that you care.

Shame on anyone who chooses to twist it into something else. Shame on anyone who dangles our flag in front of your face and tells you that it owes you something, that it needs to prove its worth before you can stand for it.

“When there is significant change – and I feel like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent, and this country is representing people the way it’s supposed to – I’ll stand” – Colin Kaepernick


Don’t worry Col, no one is waiting for you to stand. No one wants to stand with someone who picks and chooses when it’s the right time to support our country anyway. You keep sitting on your ass waiting for things to happen and the rest of us will forge ahead as good Americans, we’ll fight for change in the racial divide and try to come out on top as it’s what we all want. We’ll stand up for what’s right without you. You could have done something great on your big fancy platform, and instead you chose to be inconsequential. Such a shame.image

Rest your legs young man, get comfy on that bench, because no one cares if you sit or stand Kaepernick…no one cares.


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