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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything – partly because I haven’t felt inspired to write anything, and mostly because with the election and everything going on – I’ve not had many nice things to say, so I opted for silence! Maturity hasn’t always been my strongest suit (according to my therapist) but should I ever see her judgmental ass again – I at least have the past few months of “nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” to point at and reference when she wonders if I’ve evolved at all.

Also, I’ve been very busy celebrating America becoming great again!!!!!!! Yaaayyyy!!!!!!!

(Maturity is over-rated)

Anyway – Guest bloggers!

A few people have approached me in recent weeks asking how I started my blog because they too are interested in starting one. I love it when people are interested in writing, it’s pretty cathartic to get your thoughts down on paper. To be honest though, starting up a blog was annoying – there are still a lot of blogging terms I don’t quite understand (ex: plugins?).

So I explained what I could about starting up a website – but mostly I just sounded ridiculous and uneducated so I kept ending it with “Dude, I don’t know! I’ll help you any way I can – but if you’re on the fence and just want to get a feel for blogging before committing to a website– you’re more than welcome to guest blog on MadStella”

I was surprised to find many of them were actually interested, I was more surprised at how little I actually knew about blogging.


I’ll still be writing, I’ll still be blogging – but now some of my local buddies will be doing it with me too. So far those who have asked to do so, have also asked to remain anonymous – and that will be respected of course. Although, I hope they get so much support and love that they reveal themselves and start doing what they were clearly born to do – write.

So, this is not just a “heads up” to my subscribers about guest bloggers coming to MadStella but also an invitation to anyone who wants to write something longer than what is common for a Facebook post, or if anyone has any ideas, stories, advice – anything they’ve written and want published but just want to ship it out without the hassle of coming up with a domain name (that’s actually the easiest part), or don’t want to start a blog at all and just have something on your mind you want published – send it my way and we’ll talk. Everything will remain anonymous (if that’s what you want), not too sure how you will remain anonymous to me – but if you come up with a clever email account that doesn’t have your last name attached to it – I promise I lack the motivation to look into it any further.

The guest bloggers know I won’t change anything they write without their permission and I won’t give feedback if they don’t want it. I’ll take the post down should they decide they want it taken down (but it’s the internet folks, once its out – its out) And I’m going to sit on your article for at least 24 hours incase you have a change of heart. I won’t post certain material, but I think most of you know at this point that it has to be pretty extreme for me to blush or dub “unacceptable”

Most of all I just know there are people out there who are writers and should be writers and aren’t because it’s just scary and vulnerable to put your shit out there for the world to judge. (Ok, not the world – more like Oswego County, MadStella is such a tiny blog with almost no platform, so don’t expect any huge response) I’ve gotten some harsh feedback for sure, but I’ve also received more support than I could have ever imagined – and I’d love for others to feel that too. My hope is that by them writing here, they’ll eventually start writing for their own blogs and fall in love with it as I have. Until then, I’m excited to hear from some of you…

And hopefully I’ll be posting the first guest blogger’s article tomorrow, its all ready to go!

Thanks for visiting MadStella!!

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