Pit & Peak – Goodbye 2016

I sat down to write a “Goodbye 2016” blog and I came up with two different versions – one that was ridiculous and sarcastic, and another that was serious and (I think) heartfelt. I won’t be posting either. I can’t pretend to understand the level of loss that many of you experienced, or be so callous as to say “its all going to be ok” or “it will get better”… and I can’t brush it all under the rug by bitching about life with the kids and pretending like nothing happened worth being grateful for.

This year was a year of life, proving to us that it will go on whether we are ready for it to or not – whether we want it to or not, and it certainly didn’t care if we were all aboard before it kept moving. There was great loss and lots to be thankful for, I am humbled by both sides of it.

Every night at dinner my family goes around the table and we first tell each other the worst part of our day, and end it with the best part of our day. The pit and peak. It opens up some pretty interesting discussions and allows us as a family to solve problems and celebrate small victories.

This year I lost a friendship that was very important to me. It was my fault.

That is my pit of 2016.

This year we were able to give our kiddos the summer of a lifetime, one that was all ours and required them to do nothing but act their age, get dirty and sit around bonfires. Even if they are too young to remember our summer – it will go down as some of the best times of my life.

They are my peak of 2016.

 I hope your pits are shallow and your peaks are high, best of luck in 2017 <3

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