I’m Offended

No, really…I’m not. But you are.

Of course you’re not offended Ashley, you’re a middle class white girl…. you’re not gay, you aren’t a single mother, you’re actually a stay at home mother – so the wage gap between men and women doesn’t apply to you. You aren’t an illegal immigrant, you aren’t handicapped and neither are your children. You aren’t cultured, your mind is as small as the town you were born and raised in and continue to live in. Your life is perfectly fine, so why don’t you sit down and let us worry about social rights.

Ah…there we are. The root of this problem. Because I am all of those things…my voice shouldn’t be heard. My vote shouldn’t count. I shouldn’t have a say in any of it because I don’t understand the hardships of other’s lives. Trump supporters are all bible thumping bigots, they’re small minded people who hate women and gays but above all…they’re incredibly intolerant. A beastly bunch of deplorables.

Gotchya! Glad we have that cleared up.

Clearly I’m on the list of offenders, so before you read this blog – please note that if your mind has already been made (and it has) …I don’t actually believe I’m going to change it. I’m writing this because I’ve been asked to, I’ve been asked by an Anti-Trump friend to write why (when she has known me to have such liberal views) I voted for President Trump.

I’m already anticipating the comments about my insensitivity complete with a link for me to click on to prove that I am in fact wrong. So, don’t disappoint folks…send me links to factual websites that I will not read.

Well that’s rude. You won’t even hear us out?

No young one, it’s not rude…its honest. You’re being too sensitive.

What’s wrong with being sensitive? What’s wrong with showing we care? That we’re humans with hearts and empathy?

Nothing wrong with being sensitive, nothing wrong with being a decent and kind human being. And there is nothing wrong with putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to feel what they feel. You should, we all should. It’s what separates us from animals.

What you think I voted for and what I know I voted for are two very different things.

  1. You think I voted for Trump because I don’t care about women’s rights.

Trump hates women, he degrades them…he’s a pig. I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking some man can ‘grab her by the pussy’ just because he wants to. What message does that send to her? Do you know what that does to her self-confidence? Her self-respect? He is the president of the United States, a man of power – and we chose this woman-grabbing animal as a role model for our children?

Let’s start from the bottom of that and work our way up, shall we?

Trump is not the role model for your daughter. Your daughter’s role model should be YOU. If your daughter feels like an idiot in a room full of men…that’s on you. If you blame Trump for your daughter’s lack of self-worth – shame on you. If her self-respect revolves around what a man says or does, shame on you. If her self-confidence plummets because 20 years ago Donald Trump grabbed a woman by the pussy, shame on you. If you haven’t taught your daughter to kick a man in the balls, whether he is the President of the United States or your piece of shit neighbor down the street, when he grabs her body – SHAME. ON. YOU.

I have failed my children if I have left it up to anyone but their father and I to determine their self-worth for them. We have failed if we have not taught them how to love themselves, despite what the world’s opinion might be. Despite what the world might teach them.

This type of nurturing, this morality and love….it all comes from home. If you can’t provide it, the American people have not failed – the president has not failed – YOU HAVE FAILED. Take responsibility for your own life and your own children and stop demanding others to reach your standards. Try setting your own moral bar and aiming for it. The better you are, the better your children will be. Stop waiting for the world to be a safe and tolerant place for your children, and start BEING their safe and tolerant place.

The Women’s March that was held the day after the inauguration, I was against it.

Why? Why are you so against women gathering to fight for your rights as a woman? To celebrate being a woman. To fight against inequality between men and women. Why would you be against that?

Good question.

I realize there were valid reasons for women to march (the wage gap, for example) however I still felt it was a waste of time and resources, honestly. You probably helped economically in that you stayed in hotels, ate at restaurants, used various forms of transportation…I mean, you also destroyed the streets and littered the hell out of the cities you went to…but all in the name of a good cause, right? You also forgot to not be hypocritical, therefore in my eyes, it was an over-all fail.

If you didn’t know this already, I am pro-choice. I strongly believe in a woman’s right to choose what she does or doesn’t do with her body. So why would I be so against a march that brought positive attention to a topic that I stand firmly on?

Tell me, at your women’s march…were all of the women equal? Were all female voices allowed to be heard? Could the women on your march hold up a sign that read “Make America Great Again”?

What about women who are pro-life? Are they covered under your umbrella of feminism? Is their opinion not admirable enough for you? Is it too “manly” of a view point?

Your march was bull because you support only the women who follow your rules. You are not empowering women to have a voice of their own and it’s unfortunate that you think otherwise. I did not attend or support your march, because you did not make a place for this woman to walk in it.

I voted for Trump because I am confident that in 8 years (yeah, 8) abortion will still be legal. However, if you make the choice to have an abortion – I believe you’ll soon have to pay for it yourself, as tax payer money will no longer be used to perform them. I also support this. But make no mistake ladies, you will still have this choice. Of course, my vote wouldn’t have changed if this choice was taken away. Social issues are not MY number one priority right now, even if they are important to me.

Women are empowered. We’re free and we’re equal. If I had to choose a group of people to empower right now it would be teachers. Parents run schools, letting their kids get away with being disrespectful little assholes and defending their actions with excuses. Your child’s teacher has the tools to make up where you fail, to be a role model in addition to you…or maybe his family life is hard right now and his teacher is the only solid daily role model he has right now.  Instead of arguing every punishment your child gets at school, try reinforcing the punishment instead. Try being a united front with his teacher. Standing behind your child’s teacher and supporting him/her IS the same thing as standing behind your child.

Don’t like common core? Yeah…me either. I voted to get rid of common core. But some things are a fact of life, and your kid still needs to get their shit done. They still need to learn it, his teacher still needs to teach it. Don’t punish her for shit she can’t change.

Ladies, we’re fine. Start empowering PEOPLE if you want to make a difference in young lives.


  1. You think my vote means I am against the LGBT community.


I won’t say its “All going to be ok” …because I can’t promise that. I wouldn’t even know what a promise like that would look like or how I would deliver it with confidence. What I will tell you confidently is that we will never go back to where we’ve started. We’ve come too far.

“Yeah, we have come very far – but because people fought for it. Now we have to fight for it again!!”

Ok, I hear you…just let me get this out…

Most people don’t care that you’re gay. Most people care about you being gay the same way that they care about me being straight. They don’t give a shit.

“Wow…what a small-minded thing to say Ashley”

No…it’s not. You need to get rid of the “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality. Plenty of gay people voted for Trump. Sure, there are many people who voted for Trump that are against equal marriage rights…but I am telling you – most of them do not give a shit if you are gay or straight. Our vote for Trump is NOT an attack on your sexual orientation. We do not want to stop you from love, sex, marriage, divorce or children – or anything else that results from a relationship between two people.

I don’t know what hardships you’ve faced – maybe you were called derogatory names by awful people at your school, maybe when you came out the people you thought were your friends no longer stood by your side. Maybe you were disowned and abandoned by your family.

I can’t help you with all of that, it’s beyond my understanding – what I can tell you is that however you came to your parents – whether it be by adoption or birth – they were supposed to love you on the highest level and in your every form. If your parents were so weak minded that they crippled to society’s judgments or a biblical belief and disowned you for who you are – not a choice you made – but for who you are…then that is their fault. They are cowards. Society didn’t fail you, your parents did.

I have trust in my peers and in my generation to right this wrong. I have faith that they are raising their children to be tolerant and accepting. I have seen good people with strong anti-LGBT minds ignore their feelings and show acceptance and kindness instead of intolerance. It can be done, and its done all the time. Our children are born with a clean slate, shame on any parent who tarnishes it with their own hate.

But to me, right now, LGBT rights are not my first priority. It does not mean that I am against you. And just because there are people who don’t understand you, or don’t want to understand you – it doesn’t mean they are going to fight against you either.

  1. You voted for Trump, you’re practically the KKK.

Go away.

4. Ok…but if you voted for Trump you must be a little racist.

Well, I voted for Obama twice….so this argument is starting to really annoy me. However, I’ll give you some credit –  it’s hard to not become even the slightest bit racist when the media is so interested in covering the Black Lives Matter movement. Which is a joke, by the way. A sick fucking joke that no one should be proud of. Martin Luther King would be rolling in his grave right now if he saw what those idiots were doing. Maybe it’s not all bad? Maybe they’re actually accomplishing something? Who knows! All I see are a bunch of rotten brats destroying their communities one broken window and burning car at a time. They’re wasting everybody’s time, no one is taking them seriously and they are endangering the lives of hardworking American citizens and service men and women. I don’t know why any African American would actually want to be represented by them.

Trump is NOT racist, nor do his supporters believe him to be. The KKK represents me the same way the young African American man taking a baseball bat to his local Starbucks represents his race. Do not hate the Trump voter, hate the media…they are only showing the extremists of each group.

We DID NOT vote for Trump because of social rights.

Democrats are a large group of people that pride themselves in their individuality. Republicans are no different. Liberals, conservatives…they are no different. Blacks, whites, Hispanics…no different.

While you’re asking me to look at you and not see a gay person, but instead just a person…I am also asking you to look at me and assume there is more to me than a vote – and that my vote wasn’t made in hate.


If you didn’t like any of that, you’re really not going to like this.

I voted for Trump to see our Veterans treated better, to see our service men and women start getting the respect they fucking deserve, to ensure our 2nd amendment rights, for better health care, to protect our borders, to change our tax laws, to get rid of common core, to get the undeserving off welfare, to strengthen small business, to change how we import and export our goods, to get rid of illegal immigrants and so we can build that fucking wall.

Don’t like those reasons? Still offended? Probably at this point your most recently offended by my “get rid of illegal immigrants and build the fucking wall” remarks, assumingly.

Well, I will stand by that. I will stand by all of my remarks. The same way I have defended social rights the last two elections. The same way I voted twice for Obama so I could see my friends and family members get to legally love and marry whoever they wanted to. The same way I stood proud in front of two amazing women and officiated their wedding for them.

Your parades saved lives. Young people struggling with acceptance saw your pride and your flag and realized they had nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide. Your movements have helped more than just the LGBT community – they gave families more time with their loved ones who may or may not have been suicidal. Your actions are admirable. I am not trying to silence or oppress you! I am not asking you to stop empowering each other or to shut up!

I do not pretend to represent all Trump supporters but I will stand by my vote because while the minorities of our country raised their voices, demanded equality, held picket signs, marched in parades, held rallies – I listened. I heard you. Everyone heard you. We answered you! You HAVE NOT been ignored. People of every race, gender and financial standing have stepped up and fought for you. Advocated for you and with you.

And you progressed.

You progressed while everything else fell to shit. You can debate that if you’d like, but you’ll get nothing back from me. I am tired of debating it. Our country has ignored our needs in exchange for our wants, and make no mistake that social rights were also my wants.

But they are no longer my first priority.

So, I am going to finish this with saying that it is NOT selfish for the majority to ask for what they want, to fight for what they want and to demand that they be heard…even if you think they’ve been heard enough. Even if you think it’s unfair or unnecessary. We too have a right to feel safe and heard.

I will not feel guilt for voting for what I want or for what our country needs. I will not feel guilt for doing what I think is best for my family and our country.

So many people fought for you, so many of them, even when the problems weren’t directly their own. Don’t shame them now for fighting for their own wants, beliefs and rights. Do not demote them to hateful and spew your prejudices on such a diverse group of voters when so many of them have stood so firmly and proudly in your corner.

You say you’re offended by my vote.

I say your intolerance is showing.

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Ashley Thomas lives in the country as a stay at home mom to two naughty kids (Maddox & Stella) and a pretty cool husband. She’s an avid reader/writer/wannabe blogger and when she’s not taking care of her family, you can find her chasing rogue chickens in her backyard with a bag (yeah, a bag) of wine at her hip and a kindle in her hand.

108 thoughts on “I’m Offended”

  1. As always – I greatly appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts and opinions. I appreciate even more your willingness to engage in conversations with me when we vehemently disagree about Trump (and apparently the Women’s March as well). LOL.
    As we have shared privately (not so private anymore) we are more alike than unalike. We largely hold the same beliefs regarding what issues are important to strengthen our Country. We just disagree on what we believe the root cause of those issues are and what path needs to be taken to fix them. Peace and Love!

    1. Finally!! I am not a Trump supporter and unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to speak to anyone that is, but I have so wanted to hear the reason why someone would support a man , who in my mind, is of such low character. You have written a thoughtful and reasonable answer to a question I truly wanted to hear. I even agree with some of it….wish we could have coffee.

    2. This is the first reply so many people will see it.. Thank you for being amicable in your disagreement! I hope others realize that strong political opposition does not mean they should hate and demean each other!

    3. I also voted for Trump for the same reasons Ashley mentioned above. I am so happy that there are some reasonable democrats out there who finally know why we voted for Trump. I like to discuss politics and love to know why people vote for the other candidate. Thank you for your reply!

  2. Ashley…. Keep writing, loving and learning about your cozy corner of the big blue marble. Our world becomes a better place with your voice on a page for all of us to read. Thank you for this entry. I have shared with my friends and family. Well done young Lady..!!

  3. Actually I wanted Sanders. Choices. But your words are powerful and I believe Mr Trump wants to do the right thing it’s just that he’s different with his delivery. But that’s who he is. He is a fighter and hopefully it will help America.

    1. I totally agree with you. He just has a different way of his delivery because he isn’t a lifetime politician, but I believe his heart is in the right place and he actually wants to do good for our Country!

  4. Some of your words gave a voice to my frustration that has been brewing for the last bit of time. It is hard to stand up for what you believe is right for the hard working middle class everyday when you are demonized for not agreeing for everyone running to jump on a bandwagon. When you are lumped in with groups of extremists that are deplorable even though you are closer to the center. It has been frustrating me and leaving a bad taste in. My mouth!

  5. Hi Ashley, thank you for writing this, regardless of where I stand on these issues I think it’s important to open a dialogue; one of our greatest downfalls politically is shaming and vilafiying political views instead of discussing them with one another, simply to learn and understand another point of view, even if it doesn’t change ours in the end. I don’t usually comment on anything, but I was hoping you would be willing to write a follow up and explain more about why you did vote for trump. In your article, you listed the reasons but didn’t expand on them in the same way you expanded on the (social justice) reasons that many democrats decided not to vote for him in the beginning of the article. Thank you, Maria

  6. I’m a Canadian citizen but an American resident who has called the U.S. of A. home for over 20 years. I can’t vote but if I could I would have voted for Clinton. Even though she didn’t win, the election is over and Trump is the President, a position I support. The response, mostly from Hilary supporters, is childish and sad. Ask a Canadian or anyone other nationality for that matter what American’s look like since the election and they’ll say ‘sore losers who are acting like a bunch of cry babies.’ I work in radio and we usually don’t talk politics but on Inauguration Day we did, saying enough was enough! It’s time to put on our big boy/girl pants, accept the election results and respect the President of the United States, whether you like him or not and whether you voted for him or not. The response was mostly positive but we had some ‘You should be ashamed. We won’t listen anymore’ responses as well. I just wanted to thank you for saying what I wish we would have. Your article was SPOT ON!

  7. You trying to convince yourself that you’re not racist because you voted for Obama is such a tired argument. You need to look beyond yourself and realize that your veiled racism, xenophobia, and conservatism (which IS anti progress) is not made up for by some lofty sentences that speak to your grand stance on equality.

    Since you’re most likely a fan of simple sentences a la Trump here’s the summary: you’re the worst.

    1. As someone who did NOT vote for Trump and is honestly terrified of the choices that have been made thus far, I am ashamed to be unfortunately grouped into a category with you, Jeff. We all have our own opinions and beliefs and to attack someone for expressing these opinions in a non aggressive way is appalling. I urge you to be less close minded and actually have a conversation with someone of an opposing view instead of attacking and judging people so quickly (and no, insulting someone and pushing your views as the gospel, is not a conversation). We need more intelligent discussions with opposing views and less hateful lashes at people just because they don’t believe or support what we do.
      Bless your heart, Jeff.

      And Ashley, thank you for expressing your views and always intelligently backing up those views. Even though we may not agree on things, it is refreshing to read.

      1. I am a Trump supporter. Like Ashley I don’t agree or approve of everything he has said or done but I believe he is the change we need. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. Most anti-Trump people I encounter only want to argue and label. It is refreshing to see someone actually wanting to talk and understand the opposing view. Kudos to you.

      2. Right and isn’t she “defending a disrespectful lil asshole” herself when it comes to saying it’s on the parents to teach their daughters self worth. What about sons and teaching them to respect women? You can not put it on the parents and say well if you only taught her self worth then that rape wouldn’t have effected her so much. It’s like saying men will be men and rape/assault is just a part of that so accept it.

        1. Jen, I believe if you read her writing with a bit more of an open mind and see her overall message you will see that she Again in many sentences let me repeat “The parent are failing” Just because she didnt specifically point out that they need to speak to their sons, they are still the parental figures whose job it is to uplift, encourage, and teach their children. So just the same as building up their daughters and teaching them wrong from right (might I add was the point of that paragraph considering that was the argument from anti Trump supporters) would be those “responsible” parents should be teaching their CHILDREN right from wrong regardless of their gender.

    2. Jeff you represent the party of tolerance as long as everyone agrees with your POV. When they don’t then you’re not very tolerant. The sad part of it is you and your ilk can’t see it. You are too blinded by your self righteousness to listen and afraid what is said might not fit your narrative of labels. I know this post will not change your mind but maybe just maybe it gives you something to think about. The harsh reality is this is one of the main reasons Trump was elected. The people have grown tired of this and if it continues you’ll be getting 8 years of Trump which many think might not be a bad thing.

    3. Obviously stated by someone who fights for “tolerance” and “equality.” Except when your opinions differ from his, of course!

    4. What a load of condescending sanctimonious horseshit (pardon my French)! It’s attitudes like this that led to the disillusionment with Hillary Clinton.

      Here’s another way to look at it… The GOP basically GAVE this election to Hillary Clinton on a silver platter when they nominated Donald Trump. Trump and Clinton were two of the most unpopular presidential candidates I’ve seen in my 40+ years on this blue marble.

      Even gifting this election to Hillary, she let her false sense of entitlement give her a false sense of security in a victory and that was her undoing. I didn’t like either candidate and had to hold my nose to vote for Hillary. And honestly a lot of my dislike of Hillary came more from smug condescending liberals like yourself, Jeff. Your attitude is the reason Hillary lost. Your attitude is the reason people are/were so disillusioned with the status quo and wanted a change… and accepted that change in imho one of the most vile despicable men to ever draw breath.

      1. I thought this article was great, and Darrin, I agreed with your response until you got to “one of the most vile despicable men to ever draw breath” lol…that’s really comical. Trump may be a lot of things, but I think he’s got a long way to go before he’s that. I can’t respond because it was such a stupid thing to say. He has raised great kids, has provided thousands of jobs and contributed to our economy. He has done a lot of great things in his life, even though you don’t want to think so. He may be a lot of things, and has plenty of faults, but your insult was wayyyy over the top and just shows you didn’t understand any of what the original article was about.

        1. Actually, I did understand what Ashley was saying. I disagree with hers, and your assessment of Donald Trump. You don’t have to agree with me on that, nor does Ashley.

          Where I did/do agree with what Ashley was saying was her general assessment of how she and other Trump supporters have been ridiculed, insulted, and demeaned by those that are Anti-Trump.

          Heck there’s been some of that ugliness in other comments to this post. While I may have strong feelings against Trump and don’t like or agree with him at all. Ronald Reagan had character, George H.W. Bush has character, heck even George W. Bush has character. I did not and do not see that with Donald Trump. At any rate my disdain for Trump does not extend to his supporters.

          At no point in any of my comments have I insulted Ashley. I have admittedly insulted Trump and also some of the smug and condescending liberals who have insulted her, but as far as I’m concerned… while I don’t like Trump, I understand why people like yourself or Ashley would feel inclined to vote for him. Hillary represented the status quo, Donald Trump represents change. And while I too wanted change, I don’t believe Donald Trump is the agent of the kind of changes I want made.

      1. My comments were directed at Jeff not at Ashley. I have no sympathy from holier-than-though sanctimoniious liberals who preach of tolerance but practice some of the most vile and condescending intolerance that I’ve ever seen.

    5. lol ah sore loser jeff.. dem/libs good ole standbye of name calling…darn bullies…go back to your safe place and wait for the liberal media to tell you what to think… so sad. Nice read Ashley

    6. Jeff,
      Honestly because you differ in opinion doesn’t give you the right to judge her and call her names. That’s the largest problem today, instead of dealing with the issues we turn them into personal attacks. So much so that anyone who isn’t against Trump has to hide there emotions or the result is name calling and losing friendships!! That action is stupid not the person!

    7. Once again a leftists criticizing someone who does not support their views resorting to calling this woman names! Do you feel better about yourself for doing so? Is being a bully something that makes you proud? You might be surprised, everyone is not a racist just because they voted for Trump. There are racists out there of many colors, male , female, and LBGT too!

      This woman has the right to express her opinions as much as you do. How about being respectful and show a little class? Let her share her opinions. If you want to engage in conversation, don’t resort to name calling. It shows how very small minded you are when you can do nothing more than call people names…….Sounds more like playground talk than an adult conversation.

      All she tried to do is explain why she voted the way she did, and why those people men and women who marched in Washington DC didn’t represent her. They didn’t represent me either for that matter.

      I appreciate her bravery to stand up to speak what was heavy on her heart. For many years now the majority have been silent so when we speak we automatically become deplorables because we too have something to fight for….. It’s called America. Something we too care about! You do not have the Monopoly on virtue just because you disagree.

      I voted for Trump for the very same reason this woman did. I had to choose between the lesser of two evils as I saw it. I didn’t like any of the choices. However, when it came down to the wire, I chose the one who was out to help all of us not just the ones who pumped money into a corrupt political dynasty. I lived through the Clinton years I remember the scandals du jour…….They haven’t changed their spots…..They never will. Why not take a chance with a political outsider? Someone different from the CAREER POLITICIANS! Aren’t they the ones who have gotten us into the mess we are in now? Oh, wait a minute, we voted them in to office time and time again so……Perhaps we too share this blame!

      We as Americans need to stop this bitter squabbling and get to work making our country the best that she can be for ALL her citizens. Make everyone accountable for their own actions. America was built on the hard work and effort of all her citizens. We need to remember our past and work for a bright future for all.

      Our country will never survive if we continue fighting each other. There are powers out there that would be happy to see America fall ……..we have some living here now trying to do the same from within. You know the old divide and conquer routine……Seems to be working! Do you ever ask yourself who benefits if America fails? We are not a perfect country but we are a bastion of light and freedom to many around the world. So stop fighting each other and stand up and embrace our differences……Our uniqueness…..Our freedom to RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE without lowering ourselves to petty name calling when we find someone who chooses to think and believe differently than we do.

    8. No one is making you stay here if you do not like who the hard working people of this country voted into office please move and I’m sure you will see how great you have it here. And more importantly if you all would shut up and just give the man a chance I think you would truly see a man who is trying to do right by this country! What`s the worst is you all are destroying our country and communities because you didn`t get your way!

      1. There you people (liberals) go calling people names that disagree with you. Why do you do that?? Do you have no nice answer to what they said? I find that if a liberal can’t give you an answer to your honest question, they call you names. Why not not sit back and think about the world the way it is today and maybe read a book about the way it was for those of us who are from 40 on up in age. Totally different USA to us today. And it is not looking good with all of the young people rioting in the streets for something they really no nothing about. If you young people kill the way of life in the USA (freedom of almost everything, except crime) there will be no where to go to get away from it after you destroy it!!

    9. Do you feel better Jeff? Hope that one day you will be enlightened to know that life is better without judging and belittling anyone not like you.

    10. Wow Jeff. You must be such an intellect. Look at all if this regurgitated bullshit spewing from your angry soul. Mad for nothing. Using tired words yourself, you think you sound so intelligent but I’ve got news for you. You sound like an arrogant little pussy who spends his time crying from depression and deeper rooted issues. Do us all a favor and move to a third world country. Come back to America and let’s see if you still complain about your rights and liberties being taken away here in America.

    11. So are you saying she’s racist because she’s a white girl who voted for a white president? Because I found no basis in the article to suggest she was.

      As a matter of fact your comment suggests that you skimmed over the rest of the article – likely because you didn’t agree with it.

      Are there any other thoughts in your head?

  8. I really enjoyed reading your point of view. I especially liked your comments regarding a child’s self worth! Spot On !! I didn’t care for Hilary or Donald, I didn’t feel like either one represented me or deserved my vote. What I like about your view, was how tolerant you are, so many people aren’t. I’m so fed up with many Americans lack of respect for different points of view/opinions. I thought this was a free country. My wish would be for people to understand that just because we disagree on certain principles it doesn’t mean we lack compassion, empathy, or integrity relating to your issues.

  9. Thank you! Your article was extremely well written and tolerant, what I appreciate most is your utter honesty. Something I find to be lacking today.

  10. Ashley,
    I also voted for Trump, not because I am a racist or a homophobic conservative Christian – but because I believe it is time to take the politics out of Washington and bring the government back to the people. I will admit that I am pro=life and that I believe that it is wrong to allow abortions, however, I would NEVER judge anyone for their decision. That is not my job as a Christian. My job as a Christian is to love EVERYONE no matter who they are. I wish that the people that voted for Clinton gave me the same respect that I gave them. I listened to their comments, respected their decision and would have supported Clinton if she won (as is my Christian duty) but they do not give me the same in return. If I do not follow their line of thinking I am most certainly wrong. Well let me tell you this – then I am proud to be wrong. I will stand by my decision and accept any right or wrong that happens in the next four years. I will also continue to pray that the Lord helps our new President in his battles. Thank you for your well articulated post, it was an amazing read. Look forward to reading more as I am now following you.

    God Loves You And So Do I

  11. Enjoyed your post. I did not support either candidate and President Trump worries me a bit. I like his economic intitiatives but his very thin skin and “shoot from the hip” tweets are taking some getting used to. I just wish his staff would stay away from “alternate facts,” let try to stick to the truth even if it’s not pretty. I’m also afraid that he will allow Congress to roll back some of the rights folks fought so hard for. Bottom line, I don’t think that he is a decent human being. I think that it’s Donald first and then everyone else. Of course, most politicians are like that. I am hopeful that his efforts will make our country better. I also have no problem with people who supported either candidate. I have many friends on each side and our friendships have not suffered at all. It’s sad when people take politics presonally. I also have no problem with protests as long as they are non-violent and pick up after themselves (woman’s march)

  12. What are your thoughts on this statement taken from the “Navy Times” Facebook page.

    “President Donald Trump’s new federal hiring freeze could cause major problems for not only managers at the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense, but also thousands of former servicemembers hoping to land government posts”

  13. I shared your post on FB and am now down one “friend.” My mom works with your sister…I’d like to share the comment thread with you privately…apparently I’m a savage and bad ‘guy’ because I posted your article!! Ppl be crazy!

  14. This rant is full of holes. Too many to be addressed individually.
    Privilege is thinking something is not a problem just because it’s not a problem for you personally.

    1. Prioritizing is not saying it is not a problem. We all have to prioritize what is most important. It’s the only way to get anything accomplished.

  15. Keep writing. This was a refreshing read. Naturally I saw the comments that are so in depth with negativity that they don’t want to see you as a good person (still calling you racist, etc). I am there with you. I voted Trump and i was shamed. Some of the BEST people I have ever met are people from different race and who are gay. I admire them and look up to them. Personally, I am going on a social media hiatus until this pandemonium is over because it’s absolutely sickening to see our brothers and sisters treating each other with such hostility and lack of respect. I love knowing that this will be my last post until I get my own mentality back on track. I hope you, however, can maintain your strength, courage and dignity to continue writing posts like this, especially with the inevitability of the same intolerant comments you wrote about. Thank you for your courage and grace. <3

  16. I really like the way you create this fictional person to argue with so that you can have a sense of victory when you destroy their weak one-dimensional argument. Then you extrapolate this imaginary person’s argument to all of the people you disagree with. Congratulations! You just won a debate with everyone you disagree with, without actually speaking to any of them.

  17. Thank you for your post, it appears we have much more in common than not. Except for the wall thing and immigrants (unless you are native american, I do believe you are one yourself) I’m more mystified than offended by your vote for Donald Trump, but I am indeed offended by the man himself. The questions about his integrity, his temperament, his business practices, including huge (and international) conflicts of interest are real and unresolved. Maybe you don’t mind telling your children that they should respect and follow the leadership of a bigot and racist, a man who campaigned on a platform of fear, hate and divisiveness, but I admit I’m intolerant of people like that. Now that he’s in office, I am unclear how his appointment of a completely unqualified secretary of education will be helping the children. I’m glad you and your children are healthy, I have special needs kids in my family and there is no place for them in the administration you voted for. Unfortunately, there are so, so many family failures out there, I’m with you, it’s often parenting failure, but regardless of cause, the results of that failure are all around… disenfranchised & dysfunctional children that become adults. You said that you trust your generation to right this wrong, how? I ask because I believe that is the intention of the social services, to help people who need it. The same social services that this president is actively defunding. We can probably all agree that the US healthcare system is profoundly broken, but to dismantle the ACA without a replacement shows irresponsible leadership that will literally kill people. I agree that our military folks deserve much better than they’re getting and now, in addition to the disgraceful neglect of their needs, we have an unstable leader that is very willing (according to his campaign promises) to drag us/them into more international conflicts. He has openly & purposefully fed the fires of our own national discontent with his tweets and lies. Lets look at the women’s march, I went because I reject what Mr. Trump is planning to do to our environment, which is to ignore climate change, to promote an outdated fossil fuel energy policy at the expense of innovation and a clean energy agenda. I don’t want your children’s national heritage of wild lands and national parks to be sold to the highest bidder, I want them to be able to play there and pray there just as I have. I went because the organizers said that the intention was not anti-Trump, but an expression of support for the groups he disparaged in his campaign and a way to give notice about policy matters that we believe in (like the environment and education). At the rally I attended you’d have been welcome, it was peaceful, supportive and a positive experience. I don’t care what the actual head count was, can we just agree that it was a significant number of citizens calling out? What if our new president had said “I hear you, I’ll do my best for you” in his tweet responding to the marchers… he missed a significant opportunity to show some “greatness” there. Isn’t that what you are offended by, when your own voice isn’t heard? Like I said, we are more alike than different. Your voice is being heard now all right, it’s echoing from the man you voted for, and it sounds a lot like a bully who has just become king of the hill. I would love for this president and congress to prove my fears unfounded, I really want to be wrong here! So far there’s no indication of that, not even a smidge. Like you, I feel a sense of personal responsibility, until Mr. Trump proves himself a respectable leader I’ll continue the petitions and marches, you’ll be welcome to join in any time.

  18. Thank you for so thoroughly explaining your and may I say MY point of view as well. It’s as if I could have written this myself and feel the exact same way on all of these points and you did it so eloquently. Again thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response that so many of us Trump supporters have tried to do.

  19. An old high school friend of mine posted a link to this post on Facebook. While I didn’t vote for or support Trump, I commend your well written and well thought out explanation for why you did.

    I was a Republican. I supported John Kasich throughout the entire 2016 election cycle. To me, character DOES matter. Yes we, as parents, should be the role models for our children. But we need a person of strong character who understands that to govern our nation in a way that is reflective of that idea.

    I could not/would not support Trump not because I cared one way or the other about his stances on social issues. I may have even liked/agreed with some of what he claimed his stances were on fiscal issues. But I couldn’t and didn’t believe he actually believes or stands for anything that he claims to stand for. I can’t believe his interest is in serving the American people. He has historically shown that his interests lie in protecting his own interests and that he serves a nation of one, himself.

    I was even willing to give the man a chance after he was first elected… but then he started nominating people to cabinet positions who had no experience for the roles he was appointing them to. I thought he’d drop off Twitter and get down to the business of transitioning into his new role as president… but no he’s still on there. He’s still going after some of his critics (including the candidate I supported who refused– to the end, to support him, John Kasich) when he should be focusing on running this country. He dangled the secreatary of state position in front of Mitt Romney with no intention of ever appointing him to the role for no other reason than to stick it to him for not supporting him during the election… These are not the actions of a man we want leading the country, these are the actions of a thin-skinned overgrown infant.

    I held my nose on election day and voted for Hillary. Not because I liked her… (I didn’t), but because sometimes it’s better the devil that you know than the devil you don’t. With Hillary, as much as I disliked her, I at least knew the kind of president I’d be getting. With Trump… yes, he’ll bring about change and I realize and concede that this country NEEDS change… but in the end is his change the kind that will make America great again?

  20. Oh my God, I’ve been waiting for a real, well written piece to share! This is every single one of my thoughts- so glad to see more pro-President Trump Americans. This article is amazing! Thank you!

  21. Ashley, thank you for your willingness to share your views. I appreciate it because, frankly, all I’ve heard from “the other side” is “because I hate Hilary”.

    As a gay man, I did not vote for trump; though I know there were LGBT people that did. I have my reason for not voting for him, but my main reason was Pence. He is NOT the type of person I feel comfortable having in office as a VP. Honestly, I’d be more comfortable with trump if he had a different VP. And why a LGBT person would vote for trump, knowing Pence is with him, is beyond me, but it’s their decision to make.

    But I did want to say something in regards to something you said: “I don’t know what hardships you’ve faced – maybe you were called derogatory names by awful people at your school, maybe when you came out the people you thought were your friends no longer stood by your side. Maybe you were disowned and abandoned by your family.”, followed by, “I can’t help you with that, it’s beyond my understanding”. I can’t see how it’s beyond your understanding. You might not know exactly how it feels because it hasn’t happened to you, but I’d hope you’d have some idea that it doesn’t fell good, it hurts, it’s heart breaking, etc. So I don’t think it is beyond your understanding. Give yourself some credit. And actually, you CAN help someone; you can be a support system. You might not be able to stop people from being mistreated, but you can be a support for people. Whether you agree with someone being gay or not, I’m guessing by what I’ve read, you don’t think people should be called names or shunned by their family and friends and peers. So if you see or know someone, let them know, “hey, I don’t agree with what has happened to you, you are valid, you are worthy of love, and I want you to have happiness”. You might not feel it is your responsibility, but giving a little love to someone doesn’t hurt you in any way.

    Social rights might be a want as you say, but for many, they don’t see equality as a social right. They see is as a country wide NEED. I can see and tell you have pride for this country, and I love that. I WISH I had that. But sadly, it’s difficult to feel that way when all around me there’s things, rights, or lack there of, that are saying I’m not. I’m striving to get there, I want that feeling of being proud to be an American, but I’m not there yet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this country by any means, it isn’t overseas, where I will lose my head just for walking out my front door, literally, and I am grateful for that. I just have a lot of “my country hates me” feelings going on, and frankly, it’s discouraging.

    Now, I gotta be honest, saying you aren’t racist because you voted for Obama. It’s like when someone says “I can make black jokes, I got black friends”. Let’s just not. I “get” your feelings that it doesn’t help you NOT be a little racist when all the media does is cover “black lives matter”. BUT you also did say that you can’t base a group off the extremists you see in the media because there is extremist on both side (all sides really). So “black lives matter” should be making you slightly ANYTHING. I’m biracial – half black, half white – and admittedly it bothers me when I see black people doing foolish stuff, it bothers me when I see white people doing foolish stuff, but i do my best to not let the actions of one speak for the actions of all. When black folks are dumb, my thoughts are “can you not, that is not helping us AT ALL, and all you are doing is is giving the people who let the actions of one, speak for many, so much more reason to think the way they do.

    Anyway, again, that you for expressing your feelings and allowing a forum for me to express mine. I have hope that everything will be fine in the end, but right now I just can’t see it. but hope is more than what a lot of people have at this moment.

    1. So well said, Dwayne. Thank you for writing this response. It is not a want, it is a NEED. Things that don’t personally affect me I still recognize as a NEED for this country, the country I will raise my children in. So very, very well said Sir!

  22. You are forgetting Trump has been the most intolerant of all. Any slight criticism, any question regarding the legitimacy of him presidency, or the intentions of his words or actions, he immediately responds with childish denials, bullying threats, and a complete shutting out of the other side. I don’t want a President like that. He used our divisions to get into the White House and as far as I can tell he is only going to use his power to further divide us!

  23. You are forgetting Trump has been the most intolerant of all. To any minor criticism or questions regarding the legitimacy of his presidency or the intentions of his words or actions he immediately responds with childish denials, bullying threats, or a complete shutting out of the other side. I don’t want a President like that. He used our divisions to get into the White House and as far as I can tell he will continue to use his power to further divide us!

  24. Hi Ashley,
    I’m reading this from Australia … it popped up on my Facebook feed, too.
    To be honest, I’m not a Trump supporter. So I started reading with a bit of an attitude. But I really tried to keep my mind open. And what do you know? I could see where you were coming from on many issues, and what you were getting at, even if I don’t fully agree. Thanks for helping keep me balanced and open to different opinions.
    One thing I will say though – a president being elected by a country despite his boorish behaviour towards women does, in my view, send a powerful message to young girls about what is considered acceptable behaviour. I agree that parents play a big role in teaching their children, like you said. But if those very same parents vote for a man who openly advocates sexual assaulting women … hmmm. I’m sure you can see what I’m saying here, too? Actions speak louder than words.
    Good to see so many people commenting and contributing to a (mostly!) civilised discussion. Thanks again and all the best.

  25. An honest perspective. You looked at Donald and saw an opportunity to break the cycle and that in of itself is admirable, and in many cases sensible. Stop beating the resolved old dead horses, so to speak, and move to the next set of challenges. You feel he’ll be able to address the issues you feel have neglected better than any “establishment” politician. I got so fed up with that word over the election cycle. Maybe he can. He’s not bound by the political handcuffs the rest of Washington is, so maybe there is a chance.

    I voted for Hilary with pride myself. Her message of investing in the future by making America the clean energy superpower of the 21st century is was a very practical idea. Technology never goes in reverse only forward. The old ways are becoming obsolete and I felt she recognized that. I also loved her emphasis on education, her desire to overturn citizens united with a constitutional amendment to ensure it never returns, her stance on reproductive rights for women (yes I’m pro-choice as well), and just about her message as a whole. But enough of that.

    I believe you. I believe your honesty and I can understand where you’re coming from. Minor problem. His campaign took advantage of a growing problem that has finally reached its peak, Civic Ignorance. A former republican SCOTUS judge predicted this election almost to a tee back in 2012. While it doesn’t seem to be the case for you, the events that tipped the scales in his favor mainly came from anger, frustration, and dissatisfaction with government. Rightfully so honestly given the obstruction tug of war that has been going on the last 20 some odd years. However the citizenry has a major fault as well as a basic fundamental understanding or the structure of government has led to the polarizing divisiveness that has people at each other’s throats now. I’ve read thousands of interviews, FB comments, watched street commentary and I have to agree with the judge. Given how damn near all of his trademark proposals are logistically, constitutionally, and some cases legally impossible he would have been laughed off the stage with his first rally if we had a genuinely firm grasp of our governments compartmentalized authority. People are very angry, yet when asked who they are angry with they just choose the popular political face and run with it because it’s not common knowledge of which offices control what and what falls outside of government control altogether.

    You choose Donald because you believe in going outside the box to create change. However judging by his actions thus far:

    Choosing a for-profit school lobbyist that wants to 86 public schools in charge of the department that is tasked with regulating public schools nationwide.

    Appointing the CFO of one of the banks responsible for causing the recession of the bush administration as the head of the nation’s financial office.

    Choosing an executive officer of Exxon who was on the cusp of striking a multi billion dollar oil drilling deal for his company with Russia, blocked by sanctions imposed for international environmental code bretches, as sec of state. The office that has the authority to lift those sanctions.

    Signing executive orders for the construction of pipelines he has a profit stake in.

    Putting a man, who’s publicly stated he believes the EPA should not have the authority to impose environmental regulations on businesses, in charge of the EPA.

    This is a small start and he has 4 more years to go. However history has taught us to not underestimate small things. The hurricane that decimated my city announced its arrival as a simple breeze, and a single cigarette butt tossed out of a window can start a fire that burns down a forest. Im looking for optimism in his actions, however he is not delivering thus far.

    My biggest question to you would be, do see a delivery on the horizon?

  26. I unfortunately find nothing but holes in all the logic of this, but you have your right to think and say it, thanks to those that went before you.

  27. Sorry, but this post makes me sad – you’ve confirmed not only that you are racist, sexist, and homophobic as you claim not to be – but also that you are uninformed, uncaring, uneducated, and fundamentally selfish. Your basic argument is, that since you feel fine about the way your life has gone, everyone else should too, and if they don’t, they are ungrateful and had bad parents. The fact that you think your simplistic selfishness is some deep and superior “understanding” is the reason a cruel idiot like Donald Trump can be elected – because unfortunately there are enough people as selfish as you willing to buy into his lies.

    1. CXT, Donald Trump absolutely is a cruel idiot. He’s a xenophobic narcissist… but he still managed to get elected because of people like yourself. People who preach of tolerance but are completely intolerant to any ideas that run counter to their own.

      One of the biggest reasons Trump won this election was the condescension of intolerant and sanctimonious liberals like yourself. And it’s your abhorrent treatment of people who don’t share your views that will ensure that more people like Donald Trump get elected.

      When you tell people that they are: “uninformed, uncaring, uneducated, and fundamentally selfish” you aren’t exactly scoring any points with them. It automatically puts people on the defensive. You may think that you’re better than those that supported Trump or voted for him (because not all people that voted for him necessarily supported him. Some of them just disliked Hillary that much more than Trump) but you’re a complete dolt when it comes to understanding human nature.

      The fact that so many people are/were willing to buy into Trump’s lies rather than Hiillary’s sense of entitlement and her limousine liberal smug condescension says far more about Hillary’s character than Trump’s… It basically says… I know Trump is a miserable, despicable human being who is completely unfit to be president… but I’d still prefer him over Hillary Clinton.

      Personally I think given the choices America was given this past November… the results were pretty irrelevant… either result was/is a loss for America.

  28. Well said! I especially agree with how our children view themselves. I raised two daughters to be independent, outspoken, able to debate young women. Their self worth didn’t come from Barbie, or some politician that had nothing to do directly with their lives. That IS directly related to how I raised them and from the most amazing step-Dad.

    This election was the worst that I have participated in or watched, and as a grandmother I have seen quite a few. Actually this was more reality television than an election. However, a choice has been made, and OUR choice now is to continue our lives, maintain OUR priorities, and keep an eye on our government. The only sad thing about that last one, we have allowed our government to run unchecked for decades and we are just now becoming aware of how far it has fallen into disrepair. I remain hopeful the President Trump will be able to deliver on at least some of his promises, illegal immigration, keeping jobs in America, and maybe just maybe really bring America back.

    Hillary, for me, was much worse choice. At least with Trump, we all pretty much knew about his past, he has been in the media his entire career (life), we know what he as said, we all pretty much know about his skeletons in the closet. So for me he was the much more transparent choice.

    Excellent blog, keep writing and don’t let the haters get to you.

  29. Thanks for putting exactly how I feel about this whole topic and beyond, into a well written and valuable piece that every female, regardless of her political stance, should read. It’s fair and honeat and not dehuminizing! Thank you for sharing your blog story. Cheers! 🙂

  30. Darrin Matteson, oh, the many, many points to address..but I’ll pick one.

    “When you tell people that they are: “uninformed, uncaring, uneducated, and fundamentally selfish” you aren’t exactly scoring any points with them.”

    Do we need to “score points” to call out blatant racism? Do we need to make sure that avowed members of the KKK feel good about themselves? Should people have tried to make Nazis feel respected and validated, to score points with them, as a way to stop them? Sometimes “understanding human nature” leads to the conclusion that some people aren’t nice. Identifying them as such is the only appropriate answer.

    1. While I don’t necessarily agree with Ashley’s assessment of Donald Trump. I didn’t find anything she said to be blatantly racist. What you’re doing is effectively “guilt by association.” (because Trump is blatantly racist so must all of his supporters be).

      Maybe I read it wrong (and if I did, Ashley, feel free to correct me) but she was saying that even if Trump is a racist she was willing to look past that. She was so hungry for change that she was willing to give a pass on Trump’s racsim.

      While Ashley’s tone at times was slightly snarky. I’d argue that was/is in response to being insulted, derided, maligned, etc. etc. just because she chose to vote for Trump. I don’t at all disagree with her tone for that reason.

      A person’s politics are not the end-all/be-all of who they are as people. It is merely a piece in the much bigger jigsaw puzzle of their personality. You made a hell of a lot of broad-sweeping generalizations about her personality based on her voting for Trump.

      I read her post from a different angle. I don’t like Trump, didn’t support him, didn’t vote for him. But I don’t hate people who did. Heck I have friends that did. If I eliminated everyone who didn’t agree with me politically from my life, I’d probably still be single and I certainly wouldn’t have the two beautiful children I have today. So I read her post with an open mind… I knew she wouldn’t change my mind, but I wasn’t expecting that, and I doubt she was either. I read it to gain some understanding as to why someone would vote for Trump.

      I saw the election as a choice between two evils. Heck I almost voted Libertarian. But in the end I chose “the other evil.” So I was curious as to what would lead someone to consider Trump with all of his many many many faults to be the lesser of the evils instead of Hillary.

      Much like Ashley I wanted change. I knew Hillary wouldn’t bring change but I also knew that while Donald Trump most certainly will bring change, it was most definitely not the kind of change I wanted. So I can completely sympathize with someone having a strong desire for change. But looking towards the future I am extremely wary of the changes this administration will bring.

  31. I love this. I didn’t vote because I wasn’t sure where I stood. This would have helped me. This in my opinion was a good, well written piece. Thank you.

  32. Perfecty said! And if people still don’t get it, even after reading this, then they have their heads so far up their own ass they will never get it!

  33. I’m as liberal as they come, but I’m not offended; I just don’t agree on many of your points here. For one, I think it’s false to imagine that parents have complete control over their kids’ sense of self-worth, as well as their moral compasses. Studies have shown that peers are far more influential than parents and families. I’ve worked in many schools, and some of the kids with the most nurturing and empowering parents didn’t necessarily have the highest self-esteem, because of things beyond their control, like their weight, having a stutter, having anxiety, etc. I understand that it’s terrifying to think that we can’t control these aspects of our children’s lives, but they are absolutely soaking up what they hear in the media, what they hear at school, and certainly what they hear from the president. I don’t think it’s wrong or overly sensitive to hold our president to the highest standards of behavior, not only for “our children”, but also because a president should display restraint and good judgment, neither of which are embodied by committing sexual assault (and many of these assault accusations are less than 20 years old).

    Additionally, I think it’s fine that the women’s march did not invite or include Trump supporters or pro-life groups. To take issue with it might be a sign of being a bit offended yourself. An NRA rally wouldn’t necessarily welcome someone with an “Outlaw Guns” sign, because it goes against the purpose of the rally. To be a feminist, and to support women, does not mean that you have to support everything that any woman might say or do. I am very much pro-choice, and I support any woman’s right to have an abortion, to not have an abortion, to give their baby up for adoption, etc., as well as their right to work, or to stay at home, or anything in between. What I do not support are individuals or groups that try to limit women’s choices, which include the choice to have an abortion. To have a rally that supports women of all kinds, while allowing groups that would demean women who make the choice to have an abortion, doesn’t make sense to me. And, since the rally was in response to the election of Trump, it makes sense why Trump supporters wouldn’t necessarily be the target audience (and I’m not sure how many would like to attend).

    And a last thing, regarding Black Lives Matter: I can see that we would have extremely different opinions on this, but I think it’s worth mentioning that MLK would not condemn riots or protests. He refused to condemn riots in his own time, because he recognized what was behind them, even if that wasn’t his means of operating. I would link you to relevant quotes, but you’ve mentioned you wouldn’t read them, so just take me on my word on that one. Additionally, if you’re referring to the videos of the property destruction after the inauguration, all of the videos I saw were clearly of white men (as seen through ski masks). Many white people riot in response to festivals about pumpkins, sporting events, and whatever else comes up.

    1. Additionally, in regards to the issue of how we’re raising our children, whether or not you or anyone else is raising a child with perfect self-esteem, that child is going to school, going to keg parties (when they’re at that point in life), and otherwise interacting in the world with people who might not have had positive influences to tell them that even if the president advocated grabbing women’s genitals, it’s still not okay.

    2. Completely agree with this. Her description of Black Lives Matter was appallingly uninformed and shallow. She claims to want tolerance for her own views, and argues that she’s not racist – where’s the tolerance and empathy for those protesting very real lived experiences? Are the mothers of black teenagers killed by police officers the kind of “rotten brats” described here?

      “Maybe it’s not all bad? Maybe they’re actually accomplishing something? Who knows! All I see are a bunch of rotten brats destroying their communities one broken window and burning car at a time. They’re wasting everybody’s time, no one is taking them seriously and they are endangering the lives of hardworking American citizens and service men and women.”

      In your view, if it doesn’t affect you (in your white, relatively well-off bubble) its not important. Perhaps you should try to think about what might motivate these largely peaceful demonstrators to try to “accomplish something.” Some people aren’t given as much as you have been and have to work harder.

      This lack of understanding, inability to empathize, and determination to judge large groups in sweeping generalizations is the very definition of racism. So I don’t care that you voted for Obama. You’ve demonstrated here that you are just as racist as Trump and the other racists who put him into office. Hope it works out for you.

  34. You lost me after trying to explain that the difference between humans and animals is our ability to sympathize. You’re so beyond fucked out of your mind. My cat is more sympathetic that your dumb cunt.

  35. The main reason I voted for Trump was because he made it clear his number one priority is to create jobs. My husband and I are comfortable and live in a blue state. But I saw a tv show about former coal mine employees of West Virginia, and there is no hope at all for these people. Nothing improved for them under Obama. I read about the city of Detroit, which looks like a war zone because of the loss of jobs in the auto industry. I have empathy for former factory workers in the rust belt, whose jobs are now in Mexico.
    I don’t care what Trump said eleven years ago. I care about my fellow Americans who need JOBS. I believe DT will work hard. I truly hope he succeeds.

  36. This article said everything I’ve wanted to say. Bravo…..but yet not once did you have a nasty comment about people who disagree with you. So because you have different views, somehow you’re uninformed, uneducated, the worst, racist, etc… I could go on, but you’ve read the comments. So very typical of the accepting tolerant left. I’m not 100% pro Trump, but feel the things he campaigned were more important to me than the alternative. And of course I do not agree with the things he’s said about women… but look deep inside yourself, you can honestly say you’ve never said anything derogatory about another person? Does it make it right? No. But let’s all stop with the holier than thou act and accept people for people– not their political views.

  37. I appreciate your candid post, and allowing us to peek inside the head of one Trump voter. Although I didn’t vote for Trump, I do appreciate hearing from all sides, not just democrat/republican or conservative/liberal. There are a couple things that came to mind while I was reading that I wanted to mention. I’ll try to keep it short because I believe in respecting someone’s page/post and not polluting it with what could be considered an agenda (which is not my goal)
    1. Federal funds do not go to abortion services and they haven’t for decades. By cutting PP funds (which is what the Trump administration is planning on doing), we’re cutting much needed funds that go to preventative services for women who need them.

    2. Voting for a black president is not an example of how someone is not racist. The fact of the matter is, if you are white (and I am), we benefit from a racist system that is skewed in our favor. Although most whites have a problem accepting this because for some reason privilege is often viewed as some type of monetary wealth. And, because most of us are far from wealthy, we assume we don’t have privilege, but we do. Food for thought, all things equal (background, education, class, etc.) do you think former President Obama would have been elected had he said and acted like President Trump?

    3. Black Lives Matter is not divisive. Instead of viewing the movement as Black lives vs. White lives (or other people of color), perhaps it’s best to view it as Black lives are equal in value to White lives. (I’m oversimplifying here to keep it brief.) The problem with this is, our country has shown time and time again that Black lives are not equal in value to white lives. The messsage I hear from the BLM movement is “Black lives matter, TOO… not ONLY.” Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the women’s march…

    4. The women’s march was, at its core, a march to support women’s rights. The march wasn’t AGAINST men or their rights. By marching, the vast majority of women, were saying they just women to have rights that are equitable to rights that are afforded to men. I happened to attend the Women’s March on Washington and I DID see pro-life signs. I also saw anti-abortion signs and you know what? No one told these activists that they weren’t welcome or to go home.

    I often read what I will call “sour grapes” articles about the march. Women feeling they weren’t welcome or invited to the space. The fact of the matter is, NO ONE was invited (an idea was shared). I wasn’t invited, that’s what activism is… showing up to stand up for your beliefs regardless of whether you were invited or not. What made the women’s march monumental is women are often told NOT to do this (in fact, it feels as though it’s in every cell of my body to be as small as possible). As a woman, I appreciate any women who are willing to stand up for what they believe in. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your blog post. And if no one else does, please let me be the first to invite you (and ALL of your opinions) to the next march… we need you!

    1. In response to point 1, there are loopholes in the Hyde Amendment that *do* allow federal funds to be used. Additionally, medicaid funds (i.e. taxpayer dollars) can be used for abortions. Also, by having 501 (c)3 status, PP doesn’t pay taxes on abortions performed, so indirectly they are taking away from federal tax funds.
      Why not create 2 entities? If the health services of PP were a separate entity and the money not pooled, I don’t think people would be advocating for defining it.

  38. Good for you, posting this. It’s getting a lot of shares on social media because it says what so many want to say, but are too intimidated by the aggressive righteousness of anti-Trump people both online and IRL.

    I’m sure you’ll take a lot of hate and heat for being so forthright, but preach on anyway.

    People who live in bubbles of progressive thought really need to hear other views, and start tolerating diversity of opinion. The Left’s sneering moral superiority is a factor in how got Trump elected.

  39. Thank you for saying what we all have a hard time saying. I could not agree with you more!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! DO NOT STAY QUIET!

  40. Well I am just a guy from Brooklyn with three daughters and I just want to say thank you for so elegantly getting your (our) point accross.

  41. “Ashley you’re a middle class white girl… your mind is as small as the town you were born and raised in and continue to live in.”

    That was all you needed to publish, as the rest of your article was just repetitition. Circular logic that conveyed clearly your lack of understanding regarding structural, systemic inequality.

    Oh Ashley Becky Tiffani whatever your name is, just go make some pancakes for your husband. Pinterest something.

  42. While I kept an open mind when I read this, I have to ask, what is your first priority? In the last 5 days what have you seen your choice for President deliver on those items you are fighting for? Better Healthcare? Better benefits for Veterans?
    I think that sadly we were not given any choices for President this election. And everyday for the last 5 days, I say to myself, please do not allow this misguided, unqualified man deliver us into another war.
    Respect your viewpoint, but sadly disagree.

  43. I respect your opinion even though I disagree with you. I have 1 question for you. You said the main reason you voted for this man was for our men and women veterans, (my son in law is currently serving) so what are your thoughts now in regards to Trumps hiring freeze: Freezing the hiring of new VA doctors, nurses, psychologists and other caregivers can only lead to longer wait times, reduced services and even a predictable return to needless deaths from increased delays in critical care. It makes Trump’s heartfelt and frequent commitment to support our nation’s heroes — those who keep our country safe — seem like a lie. We deserve better. We deserve a promise kept.

  44. Brilliantly written. Word for word what I believe and feel. Just subscribed to your blog. Keep speaking the truth.

  45. I am a Trump supporter and i couldnt have responded better than you have. The one key thing i feel you mentioned is the media. They have taken very small comments or actions and made a mountain out of them installing into weak minded people the thoughts he is racist and a womenizer. They also spin building a wall makes him racist. I am all for people coming into this country and building a life here. But do it LEGALLY. There are mass amounts of drugs smuggled into this country and Mexico has done nothing to stop it. We have also been unsuccessful in preventing this so to me this is the next best option. If Mexico doesnt pay i would support the wall to be built by taxpayer money. Trump has already made major steps forward for the country you live in….and its only his first week. The dream i chase as an American is not the direction everything was going. Trump makes comments at times i dont like and yes he is very arrogant. But look at our past politicians and how much they have lied and deceived us. If the worst i have to listen to is arrogance vs lies then that is ok with me…not one person is perfect but i honestly feel he is trying to make this country better for me…my children…and their children.

  46. Thank You! I know you probably aren’t seeing or reading all of these comments, but thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking. I am tired of people getting attacked by the same people who swear they love all and accept all.

  47. Very well said. I find it interesting that the people who were offended by what you wrote (those really compassionate ones who march for gay rights, women’s rights, BLM, etc.) had to express their disdain for your opinion by using degrading disrespectful words meant only to intimidate and oppress you. It is sad to me that they scream out for EQUALITY. They want their voices to be heard, but ONLY theirs. Anyone who disagrees with them does NOT have the right to be heard and, in fact, should be bullied, beaten and killed if necessary to make sure they are silenced.

    I actually want to make something clear in my comment: I did NOT vote for Donald Trump. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton either. I voted for an independent candidate because it was my understanding that my vote was supposed to be MY choice and represent the values and platform that I wanted in a leader. I left the polls feeling good about my vote because it represented MY voice. I am a well-educated, professional woman (who. by the way. has never felt that I do not get equal pay as the men who do the same job I do). I was under no delusions that my candidate would win, but I voted my conscience and felt represented. I did not feel like I threw away my vote. I also intently watched the results on election night – from beginning to end because I care about my country and who is going to be leading it and feel it my civic duty to be involved.

    Now that Donald Trump is the President of the country that I love I still follow the issues closely and am encouraged and hopeful by the leadership he is exhibiting. I want nothing more than to see him succeed as president. Screaming about everything he is doing wrong and looking for every possible flaw in his character and policies will do NOTHING to better our country and will only serve to division, anger, and anarchy.

    I’ll close with one more thought; a question. How would your husband (or wife, partner, parent or whoever you are closest to) look to the public if everything s/he said in private from the time s/he reached adulthood to the present moment was made public for all to hear and judge? Every action, comment, opinion, mistake etc. Would s/he stand up to the scrutiny and judgement of millions of people and come out looking like a virtuous, squeaky-clean person? Just something to think about.

  48. …and yet you voted for a president who is currently abolishing or in the process of abolishing civil rights for categories of citizens (lgbtq people, women, immigrants…). This is called cognitive dissonance, I believe.

  49. Fuck yes, you’re amazing!!!! Your husband and children are lucky to have you. This was exactly what I needed to read on this bitter Monday morning!!!!!

    And this person above me things he’s abolishing everyone’s rights…. I wonder if they even read this article, maybe they get all their news from Facebook…..

    This was so so well thought out and spoken, thank you so much!

  50. I believe that you voted for Trump for a lot of the right reasons I actually considered at the time. For example, getting business and career politicians out of politics.

    Unfortunately, Trump is going back on his promise by filling his staff and cabinet with people he claimed to be against.

    Abortion in the south is highly restrictive. There are only one or two private clinics in many of those states, and now Planned Parenthoods won’t be able to supply women with other health services they need that can, for one thing, stop them from getting pregnant.

    I believe in properly vetting immigrants and that welfare shouldn’t be a free ride, but it looks like Trump may be taking these policies much, much further than that.

  51. Do you support the Republican party in general? If so, what makes you think that they will NOW support veterans when they stonewalled the Democrats who tried to increase funding for the VA over and over again while Obama was president and somehow blamed Obama for nothing getting done? What makes you think that somehow Trump is going to do exactly what the Democrats in Congress had been trying to do for years? Yes, Democrats. You read that right.

  52. Lately, Facebook has been a big no-no for me. With a timeline full of #notmypresident bullshit, and close friends requesting that I “unfriend” them due to my political standing, can you blame me for wanting to put my fist through the screen? Anyway, I am glad that I decided to visit the good ol’ FB tonight, because it brought me to your post, which I LOVE, by the way. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts!

  53. Thank you Ashley! I couldn’t agree more. Every word was the honest opinion of a lot of people. Some of the comments on here are just ignorant and nasty. I guess some people can’t tolerate diversity of opinions! If you don’t like BLM rioting and destroying private property and chanting derogatory statements about police, you must be racist.. Right? You can’t want secure borders or you’re racist or you hate Mexicans. Politics are local! People will vote what they feel is in their best interests. Do the SJW care that our kids are going to terrible schools with the stupid shit that is common core? Are they speaking out? Are they protesting for parents who have no other choice? ….no…Are they concerned about so many people having insurance premiums at $800+ With $10,000+ deductibles?Is anyone that’s getting free healthcare or subsidies protesting Obamacare?…no….Yet people on the left believe that if your not with us, your against us. As a busy mom and nurse, I don’t give a shit that Donald Trump said pussy 20 years ago. My kids don’t know what he said and it has no impact on their life. We lived through Bill Clintons presidency, so I think my kids will be fine. Some of the same people that were outraged by DT saying pussy, were actually wearing one during the women’s March!
    Some of the comments on here ask how you can overlook certain things that Trump said , but they had no trouble voting for Hillary. Hillary may have lied and used the state department to make millions but thank god she didn’t offend anybody!

  54. This is amazing. It’s the best representation of how I feel and why I agree with all your points. Thank you for taking the time to explain it.

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